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  Testimonials About Dr. Ned McArthur, Orem Utah Chiropractor    

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Written Testimonials About Dr. Ned McArthur, Orem Utah Chiropractor

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking my headaches away. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you. I never expected to have such a huge change in posture & energy. It’s a dream come true! I can spend more quality time with my 2-year-old son. Life is short, I feel very lucky to get a second chance.
Aimee S., Springville

Before I started coming here, I got headaches almost daily. Now I very rarely get them. After living with headaches almost all my life, it has been an extreme relief not to have to deal with them anymore. I feel so much better than before I came here. So many aspects of my life have improved.
Amanda W. Pleasant Grove

Before coming to see Dr McArthur every time I played sports (softball, golf, football, basketball) I always seemed to leave with the usual pain & discomfort in my lower back. Even helping others move would irritate my back. However since Dr McArthur has been working with me I have not experienced those past symptoms. I feel great & want to thank Dr McArthur for being as interested in correcting my health concerns as I am. Thanks again!
Craig V., Pleasant Grove

My headaches have significantly diminished in frequency and intensity. They have diminished from 2-3 weekly to maybe 1 every three months. My relationship with my family has drastically improved because the headaches have diminished. I always feel as though my issues & concerns have fully been addressed & I am the most important person in the office.
Carol K., Orem

After visiting with Dr McArthur I soon discovered that these headaches I was having, from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed, could be solved with chiropractic care. I really enjoyed how the doctor sat and listened to me and really wanted to help me. He told the truth. I had been having these headaches for months and was always taking pills. Since beginning my care I am so much more alert, I have more energy, I’m not taking a lot of pills and I don’t snap at anyone anymore either because I am not in the constant pain that I use to be in. I would recommend Dr McArthur to others because he has helped me so much and I really feel better. Others deserve that. I also enjoy all of the energy that Dr McArthur and the office staff has. They are always happy and eager to help you, definitely great customer service.
Karyn H., Orem

I have enjoyed the level of care Dr McArthur provides at each treatment. He clearly explains the treatment procedures and the reasons for the treatment. I am always impressed with his genuine interest in me as a patient.
Danny D., Provo

I’ve gone from headaches every day to almost never.
Cherrie G., Lehi

I came to Dr McArthur after being referred by a friend. My neck was also causing me pain to the point of having tension headaches everyday. After about 2 weeks my headaches have begun to decrease and my neck tension decreased also. It’s nice to be able to move like a normal person again!
Cherie K., Provo

I came to Dr McArthur’s office a wreck. I had severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, stiffness in the neck and my shoulders were as hard as rocks. Dr McArthur was concerned about me and made sure I understood the process I needed to go through to get better. I have made drastic improvements on my overall health since then. I almost nerver get a headache. My nausea and dizziness are gone. My energy is back. My neck and shoulders feel like they should. My body is more capable of moving how I need it to. Thanks so much for helping me feel like a normal person. Something I haven’t felt very often in my life.
Grace W., American Fork

Through examination Dr Ned discovered that my neck has had pain in it for some time. I also, purposely, hid from the doctor that I have had a constant headache for a few years. After a month I noticed the pain disappearing. By the second month I no longer have headaches any longer and my neck pain is gone.
Brett W., Provo

The main reason I began seeing Dr McArthur was for my neck pain, dizziness, and headaches. It was affecting my studies and my social life. I couldn’t do things with out feeling pain and getting dizzy. I coldn’t sit in class or church. Since I began treatment I can play sports and concentrate in school. Dr McArthur is a casual guy that’s down to earth.
Steve M., Orem

My headache was so bad I was nauseated. You handled my “KILLER” headache so fast - drugs don’t even work that fast. My headache was gone in 10 minutes and hasn’t been back since, that was months ago!
Judy B., Tustin California

I came to see Dr McArthur because of severe headaches. When I became pregnant the headaches became almost unbearable. Through treatments with Dr McArthur I have been feeling so much better. Dr McArthur is a lifesaver!
Cassi D., Orem

I feel great all around! I can clean my house without feeling pain. I work out and can run longer. I am not sick as often or for as long. I have more flexibility in my back and most importantly – I sleep better. I have been so grateful for this effective treatment. I would recommend Dr McArthur to anyone & everyone.
Tiffany M., Lehi



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